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We are here with our high-level technical service and installation skills for turnkey TV projects, as well as a wide range of products for your recording equipment requests.

Turnkey Projects

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Solutions according to your budget for the live broadcast vehicle you need.

SNG and OB-VAN Car Systems

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Do not do your studio decor applications without consulting us.

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Our Services

As Avsistek, we offer turnkey project solutions for Private Institutions, Tv Channels, Radio Channels, Organization within the University and TV Radio Channels, Recording Studios and so on.


Avsistek, Audio Visual System Technologies, with more than 20 years of work experience and experience in the television, radio broadcasting, music recording and production sectors, set the principle of “always for the better” as a target for itself, from television to radio, from cinema to short films, from music recording to production, from professional to amateur use, Avsistek was established with the aim of serving all users across the spectrum.

Field Of Operation

Projecting and assembling turnkey television, radio, music recording studios. Sales, assembly and training of all products that we are distributors and dealers of. Live broadcast infrastructure systems installation. Editing systems and editing pools sales and assembly. Character generator, ingest, playout, MAM systems sales, assembly and training.

For television, cinema, short film, radio, broadcasting, production, music recording, you can view and purchase all brands and products that we are distributors or dealers for on Avsistek‘s online sales site You can click the online support system during working hours on weekdays to ask questions about the products and get instant answers. You can leave a message outside of working hours.

Brands We Represent

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About Avsistek, new products, news from the industry and much more at the Avsistek blog.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you fill out our proposal form and send it to us, our friends who have done the necessary preliminary work will contact you.
After you fill out our proposal form, our friends will contact you, and after they learn the details of the project from you, they will send you the project file and our proposal form for your approval. After your approval, the order and installation processes begin.
As Avsistek, we are always with you with our happy customer philosophy. You can ensure that your products and systems work healthier with the support or training packages you will receive outside the warranty processes of the products. In addition, if you send us any questions you are curious about through our contact form, our friends will return to you in a short time.
All kinds of development, maintenance and service services are provided in your existing systems. You can get more detailed information by filling out our offer form.

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